Brendan Tracey

Loire, France

Brendan Tracey grew up in New Jersey and spent most of his youth in San Francisco. While there, Brendan lived through the cultural revolution and soon developed a passion for music, following psychedelic bands, going to concerts at the Fillmore and gradually adopting punk music. His mother was originally from France, where he traveled occasionally in his youth. To prefect his French he moved in with his aunt at the age of 15 and completed high school in France. 

He moved back to California in 1977 to play punk music, playing in bands that opened for The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and the Avengers. In 1980, having kept in contact with a high school friend from his years in France, he returned there to marry her, and decided to stay. 

Brendan discovered natural wines through Thierry Puzelat, one of the pioneers in the Loire Valley, who championed simpler winemaking; renewing ancestral methods. He spent his training partly as Thierry Puzelat’s négoce, taking advantage of Thierry’s rigorous winemaking and vineyard management expertise. He started his own business in 2010 making wines from purchased grapes (the equivalent of 2 hectares then) and from the start he vinified the natural way, using only wild yeast and working like Thierry on reds, with semi-carbonic macerations. For the whites, Brendan got his inspiration from Philippe Tessier. He now works roughly 5 hectares. He works exclusively with organic fruit, does natural fermentations and rarely adds sulphur to his wines. His reds are amongst the juiciest and most thirst quenching in France and his whites are amongst the most intriguing and complex, combining depth and a touch of exoticism.