Loire, France

Uniquely styled VINI BE GOOD came into being in 1999 when several winegrowers sharing a similar philosophy on life and wine united behind a self owned cooperative-inspired distribution scheme to optimise the return on their efforts.

The idea is to relieve winegrowers of marketing and logistic considerations and allow them to freely focus on creating the highest quality wines.

While distribution is a joint venture, each estate handles their vineyards, winemaking and bottling operations independently. The common core philisophy being that wine character first begins on the vine and that the soil is worked in such a way that grapes can draw their quintessential qualities.

As of 2004, nine separate estates have been trusting VINI BE GOOD with distributing their product range. VINI BE GOOD acts as a marketing outlet for its exclusive member wineries, distributing their various wines to French restaurants, wine boutiques and wine dealers, as well as to the international wine trade. Several specific vintage wines have been picked for VINI BE GOOD in each partner winery’s production, to create one of the best selections in the Loire Valley and other wine regions.

A great deal of sharing goes on within VINI BE GOOD, whether on technical grounds or in the tasting room. The older winemakers’ solid experience blends with enthusiasm from the new generation, fanning the fires of inspiration and thereby raising quality levels with each successive vintage.