Michael Voelker and Melanie Drese spent many years working in other fields, traveling the world and living in Heidelberg, Regensburg, London, and New York. In 2013 they returned to Germany where they began taking over Michael’s father’s winery in Kitzingen, Bavaria. Michael’s father is a long time winemaker, who in fact sits on the quality control board for the appellation, but has been very supportive of Michael’s desire to make wine without additives.

They began to make non interventionist wines under the 2Naturkinder label as a side project for the winery, and since then have decided to fully expand the project to take over more of the winery’s production. Michael has a particular interest in bats in the vineyard, and a few of the labels are inspired by them. He obtains bat guano from a local nature conservancy, which he uses when fertilizer is required. He is also sponsoring a research project to fund the role of bats in the vineyard.

The wines themselves are a blend of traditional Franconian varietals, with Michael and Melanie’s more restrained approach. They strive to make wines with little or no sulphur, as they believe them to be purer expressions of the terroirs they work. The wines are exciting, bold and utterly delicious. We are proud to offer them to you here.

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