Chateau Lestignac

South-West France

Camille and Mathias Marquet are young, passionate winemakers. They arrived in Lestignac in 2008 to take over their grandparent’s estate after completing their studies, though previously they had had no aspirations to make wine. Certified organic since 2010, their vines are in the area of Bergerac on 3 terroirs: limestone, flint and clay. They grow Bordeaux varieties (Sauvignon Blanc , Semillon, Muscadelle et Ugni blanc, along with Merlot, Cabernet Franc et Sauvignon) and use indigenous yeasts, for long macerations and long fermentations. Their vines are an average of 40 years old and are the source of a number of cuvees, which can change from year to year.

Although young, Camille and Mathias make some of the most exciting wines coming out of the region. The wines show purity, depth, structure and are a real pleasure to drink.

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