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Emilia Romagna (Piacenza)

As you go along the Val d’Arda, through the low lying hills just outside Piacenza, near the medieval town of Castell’Arquato, you come across the Croci winery. Established in 1935, this family winery is now run by its young owner, Massimiliano, and his father, Ermanno. Massimiliano is the third generation of the Croci family to cultivate this land. 

The winery is situated on the Monterosso hill in the Val d’Arda, 250 m above sea level, overlooking the Piacenza plain. There are about 10 hectares, all cultivated with the Piacenza-style Guyot vine training system. Cover crops are used and treatments are carried out according to the dictates of organic production, without the
use of chemical herbicides or fertilizers, in full respect for the land. The grapes are hand picked; the time between harvesting and pressing is kept to a minimum; the grapes are placed in small crates and then worked by hand to keep all their characteristics and properties intact. Massimiliano strives to fashion high quality wines, while maintaining the typicity of Piacenza. Still, rather than remain stagnant, he continues to carry out microvinifications, trying out new vinification and maturation techniques on local grapes to produce wines that are natural, terroir-driven and excellent; young and quaffable wines as well as more complex, mature ones.

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