Das Juice

South Australia

Das Juice is a project started by Lo-Fi Wines, an Australian-based fellow importer and distributor. With a strong commitment to sustainability in the vineyard, a focus on low-intervention in the cellar and a passion for good drinking in the glass, their ultimate next step was to launch their own line of wines.

The resulting wines are madeĀ with as little tinkering as possible; all wines are fermented naturally and spend 5-6 months onĀ solids in tank, without any pumping or punching to respect the grapes. All wines remain unfiltered and unfined, with just a small dose of sulphur at bottling as the only addition.

With one Pet-Nat from Victoria and four still wines from organic and biodynamic vineyards across South Australia, they now offer a full range of these delicious wines.

We currently have no Das Juice wines in stock.