Desrochers D


Ferme Apicole Desrochers is first of all a way of life in osmosis with a mountain, a river, a region: Ferme-Neuve. Their line of products is respectful of the environment and of the bees offering the indispensable honey that goes into the preparation of mead, a real honey wine. At the forefront of the organic movement, Ferme Ferme Apicole Desrochers, inspired by the surrounding nature, is still innovating twenty years after its creation, offering blends that bring a country air to your taste buds.

Fed by the nordic climate, the Upper Laurentians sculpt an authentic and robust ecosystem. The air and water purity that cajole the region inspires them to respect nature, to protect the ancestral heritage that flows into the production of our honey wines. Vast floral prairies and dense forests make for a unique playground for their bees and guides them in their sweet eccentricities. Many factors—exceptional terroir, originality, curiosity, expertise, family alchemy transmitted from one generation to the next by the rhythmic dance of the bees—converge to make a traditional, handcrafted honey wine with a finesse remindful of most great wines.

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