Domaine Alice and Olivier De Moor


Both oenologists, who graduated from the Dijon enological school, Alice and Olivier live and work in the small village of Courgis where they began their estate in 1989 with three plots of Chablis.

Since the 2005 they've worked all of their vines organically and have become the standard bearers of natural and ancient methods of curing vines form "esca", an old and elusive disease of grapevines that conventional agriculture has always had hard time preventing. Moreover, all the grapes are picked by hand and only natural yeasts are used to ferment the wines which are matured in oak barrels that are typically one to four years old to ensure that the oak flavours do not dominate the fruit.

Over the past 3-4 years the De Moors have been hit by frosts and hail which has severely affected their harvests. That's when they have been forced to buy grapes - always grown organically and bio-dynamically-  in order to survive. But in France, if you buy grapes from other producers you must do it through a different company.. so here comes the different name!

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