Elio Sandri


Elio Sandri’s vineyard area has been planted with vines as early as the 1400s, with his family growing grapes there since the late 1800s on the steep slopes of the Disa hill in Monforte d’Alba. Elio has a profound understanding of the terroir, and his winemaking style is adjusted accordingly. The long history of the vineyards allows for fermentation carried out by a healthy population of native yeasts. Elio prefers these natural processes and produces wines with minimal extraction and without any new oak.

To ensure the optimal quality of the grapes, they are hand-picked at night. The grapes are then fermented in either ancient concrete tanks in the underground cellar, or old wooden tanks for the Barolos. In the vineyard, Elio is using organic treatments only and does not plow between the rows of vines, so that a balanced ecosystem supports his vines to thrive.

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