Le Coste


Gianmarco Antonuzzi and Clementine Bouveron tend roughly 14 hectares of land, with vineyards amongst a maze of olive groves, chestnut trees, shrubs and oaks. Located near the volcanic Lake Bolsena near Gianmarco’s childhood town of Gradoli in Lazio’s north, the region’s soils are rich in iron and minerals.

Vines are planted at a density of up to 10,000 plants per hectare, from a mix of massale selections and ungrafted vines. Everything is done by hand, with careful attention to the needs of each plant and while some biodynamic principles are employed, the approach here goes above and beyond.

Each year they produce a dizzying number of different wines, which are vinified in an ancient cellar in the village’s centre, with no additions at all. The wines are pure, delicious and unique.

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