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Maison en Belles Lies


After a long career in the fashion and garment industry in Paris, Pierre Fenals decided to follow his passion and moved to Burgundy to become a winemaker. It wasn’t long before he stumbled upon the teachings of Rudolph Steiner and biodynamics. He bought one of Steiner’s book on a whim at a Parisian flea market and thus began his journey toward natural wine. This path included raising cows (to learn farming biodynamically) and “interning” with Trapet, Lapierre, and Emmanuel Giboulot. In 2002 he purchased his first 2.5 hectares of vines in Maranges and in the Haute Côtes de Beaune.

Pierre’s winery is located in Saint-Aubin and he now also rents and owns vines in Santenay, Monthelie and Corton including a plot of Le Corton itself.

As for the name Belles Lies, it derives from a practice developed by 17th century monks who would dry their barrels and rub them with the lees from the vintage. Pierre’s wines, though made without any addition of sulphur, are crystal clear, tightly focused, and deeply expressive of their various terroirs. They show no signs of having been made without any chemical interventions whatsoever. They are pristine and sublime! We invite you to try them all.

  • 2019 Santenay Sous La Roche
    Maison en Belles Lies
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