Maison Valette

Burgundy (Chaintré)

Philippe Valette is a legendary winemaker, who with his endless passion has inspired many others around the world. Some wines you just can't stop thinking or talking about, and Philippe's white wines are true wonders. In these times where many wineries release their wines as quickly as possible, Philippe never takes a shortcut. As a perfectionist, he constantly monitors the vines to ensure that they get everything they need and adjusts his approach according to the vintage and growing conditions. And if it takes 72 months of ageing on the lees to achieve the best possible wine, that is what he will do, even if that means he has to declassify his cuvee.

Located in the village of Chaintré, the estate has a long grape-growing tradition. Valette has 15 hectares of vines, scattered over Chaintré and Vinzelles and which are cultivated with organic methods. The natural balance of the soil and the vines are at the heart of everything Philippe does. Philippe’s father was the first farmer in the region to stop selling grapes to the co-op and create his own domaine wine in 1977. After finishing wine school in 1990, Philippe decided to convert to organic methods. His attention to the condition of the soil and the use of grass cover promote the development and depth of the root system and are the keys to his astonishing wines.

All fermentations are allowed to start naturally with indigenous yeasts, and many of the wines will undergo long ageing on the lees thereafter in barrels or tanks without racking. If possible, Philippe refrains from using sulfites at all, or if necessary a very small amount. His belief is that meticulous care of the vineyards allows him to make wines with minimal intervention, resulting in extravagant but very elegant Chardonnays, packed with personality. As such, his wines are not the typical expressions one would expect from Burgundy, but instead offer a unique liveliness and complexity that will evolve in the glass. These are true food wines that can be enjoyed now, but also have a life ahead in the bottle. We recommend decanting the wines to allow the full range of aromas to shine.
  • 2017 Macon Chaintré VV
    Maison Valette
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