Strekov 1075


Strekov1075 is a winery very well rooted to the tradition. Starting from the name - contains the date of the first written notation of the village of Strekov- they cultivate their 12 hectares of vineyards in respecting sustainability and tradition. The vineyards are located on the terraces featuring ponds and marshland that create a unique microclimate.

The indigenous varietals - Rizling vlašský, Veltlínske zelené, Modrý Portugal, Frankovka modrá and Svätovavrinecké - and all the work in our vineyards is done by hand. Then, in the cellar, they follow the spontaneous fermentation in barrels and open vats without any intervention. Following the ancient methods of wine production, they macerate the wine on the skins (i.e. Orange wine), under the “voile”, and bottle the wine with sediment without sulphites, which gives a strong terroir character to the wines. 

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