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Marco Tinessa is one of the most inspiring winemakers in Italy at the moment. He started out with a single vineyard of Aglianico grapes in the countryside near Montemarano, Campania, in the heart of the Taurasi denomination. Since then he has expanded his vineyards step by step. He puts his heart and soul into the work in his vineyard, tending to the needs of every single vine and determining what yield is best per plant, in order to produce the perfect ripeness of the grapes.

In his cellar in Milan, he works with extreme precision and a clear idea of what wine should be. He captures the uniqueness of his terroir by preserving the intrinsic flavours of the grapes with a spontaneous fermentation in neutral vessels, either clay amphorae or high-density polyethylene tubs.

When tasting his first wine, Ognostro Rosso, you will find the most pure and intense expression of the Aglianico grape possible. Aglianico is also known as “the Barolo of the south”, showcasing very intense black fruits. Although Marco is best known for this red wine he initially started out with, his Ognostro white wine, made from 40 to 60-year old Fiano vines, simply blows us away. Marco produces very small quantities of these high quality wines, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste his wines.

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