Cataldo Calabretta

Calabria (Ciro Marina)

The members of the Calabretta family have been viticulturists for four generations and have produced wine since the 1970s. Cataldo studied oenology and viticulture in Milan and worked for various estates in Italy from 2000 to 2008. In 2008 he established this estate with his sisters Maria and Michela. Between 2008 and 2012 they restructured the old cellar together with the existing glazed concrete vats (these are frequently found in the cellars of southern Italy).

In 2012 they bottled their first Cirò Rosso Classico. Their Cirò is made exclusively with Gaglioppo grapes, from hilly vineyards (the average altitude is approximately 50 meters above sea level) that are largely bush-trained. Production is very minimalist, with hand-harvesting, wild ferments in concrete, aging in concrete, and minimal fining before bottling. The wines, particularly the Ciros, are superb examples of what this appellation can offer. Elegant, complex and structured, these are some of the finest and most honest examples of Ciro around. These wines are beautiful now, but certainly have the potential to age.

Cataldo says that his Cirò is the expression of the century old experience of the “Cirotani” viticulturists and that is why the “arciglione” an instrument used to prune freestanding vines in this area is designed on the label. The estate is certified organic.

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